Roman Catholic Church In The 16th Century Analysis

Topics: Roman Catholic Church, Christianity, Bishop Pages: 4 (790 words) Published: April 12, 2016

Throughout the 16th century, the Roman Catholic Church wielded substantial power, allowing it to control and influence society. This was facilitated by the education of various fields that fell under the jurisdiction of the Church. Since the bible was the basis for church ideology, it was also the foundation of all knowledge with priests controlling the content. Supporters of their doctrine were compensated whiled opponents were fearful due to the consequences carried out. In this way, by controlling education and knowledge of society through the interpretation of the bible, as well as rewording supporters and instilling fear in opposition through consequence, the Roman Catholic Church was able to control and influence the 16th century.
Since the Roman Catholic Church controlled all fields of education, they were able to influence and shape the opinion of society. To elaborate, the church oversaw religious knowledge as well as non-religious knowledge such as medicine. For his earliest knowledge on the subject, Galileo studied at a Jesuit monastery, a religious cloister that served as a hub of education. As well, they...

As a result, the church established that only priests were allowed to interpret the bible and in his way, they controlled the people. For example, the narrative articulates that the perfection of the “heavens” resulting in the interpretation that the moon was perfect. Therefore, society opposed Galileo’s finds of an imperfect moon. Likewise, since Joshua 10:11-13 articulates that God lengthens that day, it leads to the interpretation that the earth was the centre of the universe. Since this view was accepted by society, Galileo’s theory of the heliocentric view where the sun was the centre of our solar system was not accepted despite valid evidence. In this way, control over the Bible control over beliefs of...
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