Roman Art

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Roman free standing sculpture and stone bas-relief are said to be but copies of the earlier Greek work. Still, while there is much in common, there are differences. Discuss the likenesses and differences of the roman and Greek art. Then agree or disagree with the first sentence of this question and present evidence to prove your point. Answer:

Greek sculptures and Roman sculptures are so much alike that many people believe that Roman sculptures were just copies of the Greek work before Rome. There are also a lot of differences that cause people to think otherwise and cause people to believe that Roman art was an art of its own and not just a change to Greek art. There are many similarities between Greek art and Roman art. For instance, the same sculptures have been found in ancient Greece and in Rome. When the Romans conquered places they always took things from those places, whether it was items, people, or ideas. They almost always brought something back with them, and that helped make the Roman culture the way it was. That why some of the same sculptures and pieces of art have been found in both Rome and Greece; when the Romans conquered Greece they took many of the sculptures, other art, and artists with them. The Romans brought many of the Greek artists back to Rome with them to be slaves and make art for them. That is part of why Greek art and Roman art looked so much alike, they had Greek artists making the art for the Romans, so the artists pretty much just used the same techniques for the Roman art, making the Roman art look like a copy. Some of them were copies though; the Romans made plaster and marble casts of Greek work and transported them all throughout Rome. That is one of the main reasons why we still have some of the Greek art, most of them aren’t the originals; they are just copies that were made in Rome.

People think that since the Greek sculptures and the Roman sculptures looked so much alike then the Roman sculptures...
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