Roles of Human Resource Manager

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Human Resource Management (HRM) Managers plays the role of carrying out the functions of HRM department within an organization. The importance of HRM Manager’s role within an organization cannot be over emphasized. However, before enumerating and evaluating their roles, there is need to know what Human Resource Management is, and the objectives of human resource management within an organization.


Human Resource Management can be defined as an integral but distinctive part of management which is concerned with the human resources of an organization. Its objective is the maintenance of better human relations in the organization by the development, application and evaluation of policies, procedure and programmes relating to human resources to maximize their contribution towards the realization of organizational objectives.


1.To help the organization reach its goals, which is to maximize returns on investment from the organization’s human capital and minimize financial risk. 2.To provide the organization with well trained and well motivated employees. 3.To ensure reconciliation of individual goals with those of the organization. 4.To develop overall personality of each employee in its multidimensional aspect 5.To ensure effective utilization and maximum development of human resources.

For the objectives of the human resource management mentioned above to be implemented successfully HRM manager has the responsibility of carrying the following activities;

Recruitment and Selection: There’s the critical need for business leaders to continually assess their talent pool to determine if the appropriate expertise needed to accomplish the business strategies are available within the organization and hence becomes the responsibility of HRM manager to recruit and select the expertise needed. •Training and Development: HRM...
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