Responsibilities and Duties of an HR Manager

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Responsibilities and Duties of an HR Manager

Human resource (HR) department deals with wide range of activities from strategic planning level to the day to day operations level. Therefore defining roles and responsibilities of HR manager is a quite complex task so that I would say about few, main function. Human Resources staff members are advocates for both the company and the people who work in the company. Consequently, a good HR professional performs a constant balancing act to meet both needs successfully.

Forecasting the labour requirement
The HR manager holds the responsibility of forecasting the labour requirement of the organization in the future based on the future level of sales/production level of the organization. The labour forecast may identify the need for need for hiring or firing employees.

Once the labour forecast is done the HR manager is responsible for recruiting efficient employees for the company that will deliver the best of their abilities. As the recruitment procedure can be quite expensive for the company, it is imperative not to make an error during the process.

Selection is the process by which the most suitable candidate is selected from the recruited pool of candidates. Selection is done by carrying out various types of tests and interviews. HR department/manager is responsible of selecting the most suitable employees to fill existing vacancies. Keeping that in mind, an HR manager should possess an eye for searching these talented people for the company's growth.

Induction is the process by which new employees are made familiarized with the organizational environment. Once the employees are selected they need to be introduced to other staff of the organization and they should be given necessary guidelines about the organizational culture and the procedures.

Once the employees are done with the induction they become an employee of the organization but the skills they...
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