Roles and Responsibilities of the Special Educator in the Collaboration Process

Topics: Education, Special education, Teacher Pages: 2 (641 words) Published: September 15, 2011
What are the roles and responsibilities of the special educator in the collaboration process? What are they for the general educator? What potential conflicts may arise between the two roles? The special educator is responsible to see that an appropriate plan of learning (also called IEP ) is developed for each student requiring special education. A special educator is responsible for seeing that a student is allowed access to the general curriculum, yet at the same time, have a learning plan that allows the student to learn his/her level. The special educator must evaluate the needs of the student and then present the needs that he/she sees with the general educator. The special educator needs to be aware of the content and curriculum that the regular classroom teacher is implementing. From here, parents and administration should also become involved in the process. Through this collaboration; the special educator, along with the general educator, parents and administration, the team can develop a plan that works toward meeting the needs of the special needs student. Research has also proven that the role of administration in the collaboration process shows a positive outcome in the education of students requiring special education. The special educator needs to consistently keep an open communication with the general classroom teacher regarding the progress and needs of the student. The general educator is responsible for the individual needs of each student in his/her classroom. A general educator needs to be attentive to the needs of students that may struggle. The general classroom educator plays an important part in the collaboration process. Many times, the general classroom teacher is the first to notice special needs of a student. This type of teacher must collaborate with special education teachers, parents and administration on a regular basis. The regular classroom teacher must assist the general educator in seeing that the student’s...
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