teaching assistant L2

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LO 2.2
External professional
Description of their role
Educational psychologist
The educational psychologists provide advice and support for schools/parents of children with special educational needs they will work closely with the special educational needs coordinator. Spending time with any individual child and trying to establish the reasons for their learning or behaviour problems. Once they have established the reasons they will then present their findings to both school and parents. Speech and language therapist

The speech and language therapist will work with children who have difficulties with understanding, expressing themselves and using communication to socialize appropriately. But they will also work with children who have difficulty with eating, drinking and swallowing. The speech and language therapist works in close partnership with the child, their family, school and any other healthcare professionals. Together they share the Child’s needs but it will be speech and language therapist who will decide how the child can be helped to reach their full communication potential. Specialist teachers

Specialist teachers are teachers who training in a specific area and the role of a specialist is very important, as it is to ensure that children receive the best level of education. They provide direction and practical support for teachers and schools leaders around their specialist area. Their role often finds them working closely with under achieving pupils this is to help them to rise their performance. Educational Welfare Officer

The educational welfare officer works with schools, pupils and families to resolve any issues. Their responsibilities would include meeting with the school, pupils and parents to identify problems and possible solutions. They may also make home/school visits to provide any on-going... School Improvement Partner

Physiotherapist/occupational therapist
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