Role Pastoral Women in Income Generating Activities

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The role Of Pastoral Women in Income Generating Activities: The Case Shinile District Somali Region, Ethiopia|

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1. Background of the study___________________________________ 3 2. Critical Review Methodologies _____________________________5 3. Objective of Research proposal____________________________9 4. Research Question ________________________________________10 5. Methodology Of Research ___________________________________10 6. Refferences________________________________________________13 7. Annex____________________________________________________14

1. Background of the Study

Ethiopia is a country covered by 60% in Pastoral areas and around 15% of the total population living in pastoral areas and also 95% of the total livestock population were living in pastoral areas. People living in pastoral areas have a limited access in to the human health, and education services, pastoral areas have very poor communications also lack the basic services in addition, the pastoral communities livelihoods are harshly endangered by livestock illness, drought and adverse conditions of trade (PICP, 2002).

Shinile Zone is located south eastern part of the Ethiopian countryamd one of the nine governmental zones of Somali Regional State. It occurs the northern part Somali of the Region, it borders with Somalia (Somaliland) on the southern, Djiboutiin the north eastern , Oromia and Dire dawa on the south Jijiga Zone on the southeast, and Afar Region on the west. The population of the zones livelihoods are mainly depends on livestock and livestock’s product. There is also a important quantity of trade activity and there is also a little amount of crop production in the southern part – in livestock and imported goods

The Pastoral population of the zone covers the largest area in shinile zone , which is the total population of zone is around 85% . In shinile district pastoral community is about 90% of the population; The rest of the population are mostly occupied in Agro pastoralism. while a small minority (less than 5%) are involved in business activities in town or commercial centres. Pastoralists in Shinile district were affected constantly by recurrent drought for last two decades. These recurrent droughts pose a severe challenge on livestock rearing activities: the main livelihood of the pastoral communities was depending on the livestock and livestock products. The droughts caused the decrease of livestock and live death which in turn negatively affected the incomes from the livestock. As a result, pastoral mens were not fulfill their role as a household provider from livestock rearing, whereas the pastoralist women cover most of the activities the to accomplish both role men and women to generate the income of the household and also giving food and family needs . although, women are the back bone of family involvement In income generating activities in arrange to make extra revenue for the household, it is not well defined what is the degree of the women participation in such income earning activity affects the role of women and responsibilities in the pastoralist livelihood system. This research studies will design to recognize how women’s participation in income Generating activities affects responsibilities and gender roles in Shinile district.

2. Critical Review Methodologies

Messay Tegegne(2012) is the author of research paper titled by An Assessment on the Role of Women in Agriculture in Southern Nation Nationality People’s Region: The Case Of Halaba Special Woreda, Ethiopia. This researcher was use the following methods and collection and data analysis in his research

The research question of the researcher was
1. What do women and men do in agricultural activities and when, where, and when activities take place? 2. Who has access to control over resource and decision making in agricultural activities? 3....
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