Role of a Stakeholder

Topics: Quality assurance, Management, Quality management Pages: 3 (604 words) Published: August 13, 2013
Role of Stakeholder
Justin Hicks
February 25, 2013

When human interacts so often and so closely with society, a shared interest and interdependence develops between the company and other social groups. Stakeholders are the legal owners of a corporation. Stakeholders are the most critical factors in measuring the success or failure of an organization in the dynamic business organization. Quality Management Process

The implementation of certain processes and regulations to maintain a superior service level and quality products, the further implementation of processes of figuring out the defects in products and ongoing improvements is known as Quality management (McCarthy, 2012). Quality management mainly comprises of four steps;

• Quality planning
• Quality control
• Quality assurance
• Quality improvement
The role of stakeholders in implementing a quality management process Each stakeholder had a critical relationship with the implementation of an organization’s quality management process. For instance, employees are the major drivers of this process. According to studies in past, any quality management system will not function until employees are authorized and dedicated to take duty for quality - as a continuing procedure - efficiently for quality to become part of employee's behavior and actions (Juran, 2008). The whole Quality Management process is mainly conducted for a major stakeholder who is a customer of the company. Customers demand the best type of products and services from the brand they choose. Only the assurance of the supply of the best products and services can increase the market share of a particular company. It also sometimes helps companies to gain a competitive edge in the consumer markets. Society also demands company to maintain quality in each product and service produce to maximize the welfare of the people of the area in which the company...
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