Role of Youth to Combat Terrorism

Topics: Unified Modeling Language, Virtual reality, UML diagrams Pages: 2 (276 words) Published: July 24, 2013
Virtual Reality is an emerging field of applied science. Virtual Reality is an immersive, interactive system based on computable information. Virtual reality interfaces are a natural method for presenting computer-based design by merging graphics with a view of the real world. The users interactively control their local view, try out design options, and communicate design proposals. They can use virtual graphical objects that substitute for real objects which are not yet physically created or are not yet placed into the real design environment. We describe the underlying virtual reality system and in particular how it maps the virtual objects onto the real world when viewed through a head mounted display. An interior design application is used as an example to demonstrate the advantages of our approach. The aim of this project is to implement the principles of Virtual Reality in developing Interior Design Software.

Chapter 1:Introduction 1.1.Project Problem and Relevance Knowledge 1.2.Scope of the Project 1.3.Formulate problem and explain Methodology Used| 1| Chapter 2:LiteratureReview| 6|

Chapter 3:Project Analysis and Design 3.1.Requirement Analysis 3.2.System Design| 12| Chapter 4:Conclusion| 21|
Bibliography| 22|
References| 23|

1.1 3.2.1 | OpenGL Block Diagram Use Case Diagram | 4 15| 3.2.2 | Class Diagram | 16| | | |

3.2.3 | Sequence Diagram | 17| 3.2.4...
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