Role of Modern Technology in Destroying Human Communication

Topics: Social network service, Facebook, Twitter Pages: 2 (1042 words) Published: October 22, 2014

Recently, by the development of the modern technology especially the development of social media, there is a discussion about whether modern technology is destroying human communication (Keightley,2012). Modern technology include social networking sites(SNSs), such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace as well as some other high-tech products include digital cinema, robots and so on. Some exports mentioned that those modern technology have negative influence on interpersonal relationship (Clayton,2014). The purpose of this essay is to discuss whether the drawbacks of modern technology to human communication is overweight the advantages and this will be done by looking at four key parts: benefit of social network to human communication, drawbacks of social net work to human communication, advantage of other modern technology and disadvantage of other high-tech to the communication of people. Social networking site have many benefit to communication. First, by using Facebook and Twitter, contact with others become easier. People could talk to people far away from them anytime they want. Another advantage of using social media is that it benefit to study. People in the same class can shared e-books or other sources through the internet which reduce the time in searching information. And with the help of modern app such as line, student can discuss their homework at home instead of finding a place to gathered. What's more social media is worked as an invisible bridge which connect the word together. McLuhan described in his book Understanding Media (1964) that" the globe has been contracted into a village by electric technology"( McLuhan,1964:6). And now it is been even smaller by the development of social media. However, social networking sites have also lead to some negative outcomes to human communication (Clayton,2014). Today, almost everyone has an SNSs account. Family may sit together at home, texting and reading their own e-mail without talking to each other...
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