Technology Communication

Topics: Internet, Sociology, Social relation Pages: 3 (903 words) Published: September 2, 2013
In our ancestor`s age, the way of exchanging information was quite simple and limited. It was mainly through face-to-face communication between friends and friends, fathers and sons and students and tutors. The information was spread out slowly and in a small area. Nowadays, people can receive and send information anytime and anywhere via different channels. It is the age of information explosion: the society is full of information about technology, economy, politic and culture. Globally information sharing is not a dream but a reality happened everyday. This essay will discuss about the influences on the communication ways and education by technological innovation and globalization.

It seems that our daily time in various social relations has been influenced by new communication technologies. The ways of social and working life have been changed a lot. It is used to contact with friends of long-distance by postal mail, then the receiver would read and reply. It often takes long time to deliver letters to each other. In current days, internet communication technologies such as Skype, QQ and MSN which are more convenient and direct have taken placed of old communication technologies. Images and voice are available via online chatting, making face-to-face conversation reality in a long-distance. A significant number of people tend to rely on online chatting, being isolated from people in the front of computer screen at home. It may result the reduction of time in social life and affect the quality of social relationship. Another communication ways affected by technologies is E-mail, which has become one of the most important ways for working communication. It is possible to send emails to many people at the same time and receive emails anywhere with internet, which means that people can work in front of the computer at home. In addition to that, compared with faxes and telephones that wildly used in the past, communication via emails seems more...
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