Role of Government

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The Role of Government in Policy-Making

Josh Denney


January 20, 2013

Terra L. Harris

The Role of Government in Policy-Making In summing up government policy-making the government has three branches responsible for maintaining law and order in America, which are executive, legislative and judicial according to (University of Phoenix, 2013, Week Two, Chapter Two). Each of these branches has criteria separate from each other that shape policy. Judicial branch concerns itself with making judgments relevant to human services; however the executive branch concerns itself with affecting the laws the legislative branch has proposed and enacted. According to University of Phoenix, (2013)“that these laws are put into effect…” (p. 31). This paper will attempt to summarize the role of government and introduce examples of the Keffeler case, University of Phoenix, (2013) and responsibilities in shaping policy. The legislative branch shapes policy first as it starts with concerned people with the same potential problem in common. The Keffeler case is a relevant example of this. The Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) mentioned in the Keffeler article was formed by legislation and created by lobbyists to get the bill in motion. Legislation creates solutions to support their issue and enlists a legislator. After convincing a legislator they organize committee hearings, and lobby other legislators for funds to support their cause. Foster care is an entity of the DSHS, and the commissioner of the state of Washington appointed DSHS to be the representative payee for social security benefits concerning these foster children (University of...

References: University of Phoenix.Week Two Chapter Two: (2013). Retrieved from HSM/240 Human Services Management course website
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