robin hood essay

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Robin Hood Essay
The movie Robin Hood is set in medieval England and there are many similarities between the movie and actual historical events. First the entire setting of the movie is factual. All of the cities in the movie still exist such as Nottingham the city where most of the story takes place is still in existence today. One of the first scenes in the movie in which King Richard dies is set in the castle Château de Chalus-Chabrol. The final battle scene occurs on the cliffs of Dover. Because the movie re-created the story in these real places it makes it seem authentic and believable. Many of the events in the movie also actually took place but were changed somewhat from what is recorded in history. King Richard was shot with an arrow and killed but his death was not immediate as in the movie. He actually died several days after the battle when his wound became infected. Another example of Hollywood re-writing history occurs with Geoffrey the archbishop of York. Geoffrey did lead a revolt by refusing to allow the crown to collect taxes within his holdings, but he never led any battles as in the movie. In the movie after King Richard died and King Jon was crowned the story became somewhat fictional. History tells us that King John signed the Magna Carta and then refused to honor it because it limited his power. He was overthrown by the English barons who were aided by the French. In the movie barons revolted against the king initially but then rejoined his forces to defeat the French. Robin Hood is given credit for presenting the Magna Carta. After the French are defeated King John refuses to sign the Magna Carta and Robin Hood is declared an outlaw. The character of Robin Hood can be found as far back as the 13th – 14th century in English folklore. Many historians believe that he was a real person. Over time his deeds have become exaggerated making him into a legend. Sometime during the 19th century the idea that he stole from the rich and gave to...
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