Constitutional Timeline of USA

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The United States Constitution is a very highly recognized document. There are several factors that contribute to it process. The Magna Carta is a document that King John of England (1166 - 1216) was forced into signing. King John was forced into signing the charter because it greatly reduced the power he held as the King of England and allowed for the formation of a powerful parliament. The Magna Carta became the basis for English citizen's rights. The purpose of the Magna Carta was to curb the King and make him govern by the old English laws that had prevailed before the Normans came. The Magna Carta was a collection of 37 English laws - some copied, some recollected some old and some new. The Magna Carta demonstrated that the power of the king could be limited by a written grant. Mayflower Compact

The Mayflower Compact influenced the US by providing the basis for the concept of a social contract. It also influenced the US by referencing God and using Christianity as the reason for creating the contract. The Pilgrims who created the covenant believed that it was important to focus on the creating a society that is an agreement with God as well as agreements among man. This was based on the concept of Puritanism, for which they left England in the first place. They believed that creating agreements such as the compact provided a legitimate government. Without having agreement amongst all, the government would have no validity. This concept provided the basis for the idea of democracy in the US. It was common man that formed this compact, and that was a revolutionary idea. Because of the compact the American democracy was formed with the idea that all citizens (well, at least all white men) had an investment in the government and should be part of its legal formation. Declaration of Independence

Arizona's journey into statehood had a tremendous effect on the creation of the Declaration of Rights. The people of Arizona had been under the rule of other...
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