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Falls Video had been founded by “Momma and Poppa” Valencia in 1983. It started as a small video rental in a corner of their Glens Falls grocery store. After some successful years, Momma decided to separate them into two independent businesses. Then Valencias had 4 grocery stores which were managed by Momma and 8 video stores which were managed by Momma’s son, Mario Valencio. As the expanded video business, problems had begun to arise:

Losses due to stolen or misplaced videotapes were up

Supplies of newly released films were inadequate to satisfy customer demand

Turnover, absenteeism, and tardiness were way up among the 35 full- and part-time employees of the chain

Supposing the reason is personnel, Momma decided to hire Robert Princeton who had just graduated from Middlebury College with major theater as the assistant manager of Falls Video. He did have some effective ways to approach the problems of Falls Video and suggest plans to solve them. But these plans were not applied because Mario Valencio oppose these suggestions and had some confrontations with Robert Princeton.

Problems at Falls Video

Conflict between Robert and Mario

There are four times that were mentioned in this case showed the conflicts between Mario Vanlencio and Robert Princeton

_ Robert Princeton allowed a part-time employee to take a weekend off for attending a out-of-state funeral but Mario said that it was a bad idea because it might caused the understaffed status during the critical weekend period.

_ Robert Princeton suggested that Video Falls would train the staff in the basics of film knowledge in order to help them serve customer better. But Mario denied that idea with the reason is it might waste much time of the company.

_ Princeton mentioned that the full-time employees wanted to have the health insurance program and considered it was quite important factor to reduce the...
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