Rob Parson at Morgan Stanley

Topics: 360-degree feedback, Morgan Stanley, Evaluation Pages: 3 (953 words) Published: September 12, 2009
Rob Parson's performance assessment
The performance assessment of Rob Parson should be separated into two parts, the external performance and internal performance. It will start by having an evaluation on Rob Parson’s current on job performance. The first part will focus on Rob Parson’s contribution to the company profit this year, which gives an overview of his general performance in fulfill his job requirement in Morgan Stanley. Then for internal , we would like to measure Parson internally that is how Rob Parson acts as a employee in Morgan Stanley including how Parson’s value and performance aligned with the values of Morgan Stanley? Actually, in term of profit making, Parson has done a great job; he made significant gains in building Morgan Stanley’s reputation and revenues. He has been instrumental in securing first time business with more than ten clients; ad secured major deals with existing clients and was generating substantial revenues for his desk. He has excellent client relationship which is crucial in the financial world. However, in the process of performing well externally, Rob neglected his duties internally within the organization. His superiors use words like volatile and abrasive to evaluate him, he breaks every Morgan Stanley rule in the process of gaining business. His colleague always concern about his “lack of team player skills”. These kinds of internal evaluation show that he has difficulties to work with his co-worker and adapt to the culture of Morgan Stanley. As Morgan Stanley’s main objective is to be one firm, these acts clearly violate Morgan Stanley’s mission or vision statement and are extremely countercultural in nature. Should we promote Rob Parson?

Parson does fit most of the job description of the managing director position. He has outstanding knowledge in capital markets also strong client relationships which were already show in his excellent performance this year. However, although Rob Parson mostly fits the job...
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