Road Rage

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Road Rage Outline

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Road Rage Outline

Andrew Adamo

Outline—Research Paper

I. Introduction

* Definition of road rage

* Relatable examples

* What are the causes of road rage?

* Claim: Unlike in person, drivers feel more restricted and powerless because they are in an enclosed vehicle packed onto a road with other cars.

II. Main Body

A. Reason 1: Feeling restricted in a car can often lead to making assumptions about other drivers based upon simple observances.
* Examples of assumptions

* Quote, “Motorists cannot communicate. There is no easy way of saying, “Oops, I’m sorry!” as we can in a bank line. This leads to ambiguity and misunderstanding: “Did he just flip me off or was that an apology?”

* Explain the feeling of restriction, its causes and effects

* Compare feeling to other relatable situations?

* Shows up in younger people frequently…parents/movies not good examples (quote)

B. Reason 2: Drivers often feel that each drive is a competition with the other drivers on the road. The tension which builds up can cause a driver to become easily upset.
* Show competitive nature in all of us

* How this completion is fueled: Sports like NASCAR and other video games

* Find quotes to support this reason

* “losing” feeling causes road rage

* Tension puts everyone on edge and easily irritable instead of patient/forgiving
* Nobody wants to be last

* Solutions for this problem?

* Many cars on road feel pressured in lane, creates more tension

C. Reason 3: Drivers do not allow for mistakes in others while driving because they are often in a rush and cannot fully understand the situation unlike in person, causing them to make wrong decisions.

* Always in a rush on the road

* Quicker to judge

* Hard to assess the situation b/c can’t see other drivers/kids/passengers

* Could be true emergency...

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