Classification: Drivers

Topics: Miles per hour, Old age, Middle age Pages: 5 (1445 words) Published: March 22, 2009
Topic: Personalities of Annoying Drivers

Concept: The different types of drivers you find on the road.

First classification/division: ‘White Knuckled drivers’ Older drivers

No speed- choose to go at least 10 mph under the speed limit Gripping tightly to the wheel- giving the white knuckle look, holding on dear life Over cautious- most elderly people drive extremely cautiously

Cars- usually drive older styled boats

Second classification/division: Speed Demons

Can’t Keep Up- choose not to pay attention to the speed limit what so ever Reckless-stay out of their way because they don’t stop for anything
Cars-most drivers like this have cars that can handle their driving preferences

Third classification/division: Oblivious Distracted Drivers

Oblivious- usually all over the road; not paying attention
Hard to get around- their speed fluxgates so much because of the distraction
High Risk- make stupid driving decisions due to distraction

General conclusion about topic based on classifications/divisions: There are many different types of drivers, in daily driving I’m sure everyone experiences at least one of these types.

Annoying Driver Personalities

During daily driving everyone experiences different situations, and driver types. There are many different types of drivers, and most of them have no distinct characteristics. Then, there are the types of drivers that everyone can relate to seeing before. Usually once in your day you can say that you have been caught up in one of the following types of drivers.

My favorite kind of driver and the type that aggravates me the most are the slow elderly type. You can find this type going at least 10 miles per hour under the speed limit, thus creating a traffic flow issue. I don’t recommend speeding over the speed limit, but going under the speed limit is ridiculous. Often times this kind of driver is referred to as a ‘white knuckle driver.’ They grip the steering wheel with such force that it causes their knuckles to turn white. The reasoning for such a death grip on the wheel though is still unknown; it wouldn’t possibly be due to their speed or anything like that. I also find that this type of driver is overly cautious in their driving decisions. They will turn their signal on a mile before they actually need to make a turn, and start to decelerate at the same time to make this turn. This is very frustrating to the driver behind them, because you never know when they are going to choose to make their turn! You will also find that the vessels these elderly drive weren’t manufactured any time before the 70’s, and come close to the fine line of being a boat as well.

The second kind of driver, many of us never see because they go so fast you don’t have a second to catch a glimpse of them. This is your speed demon driver. They have no regard for anyone on the road. Contrary to the previous driver I described, they wouldn’t be caught dead going anything close to 10 miles per hour above the speed limit! These drivers are the source of income for the traffic department of the states. Most of these drivers are on the younger side. They are fearless teenagers, who believe they are invincible. The cars they drive though are usually built for the speed, and they use that to their advantage. When you see them on the interstate, they are usually weaving in and out of traffic trying to find the quickest way around the “slow” cars, which are driving the speed limit. The decision they make driving always keep you guessing because you can never be sure what reckless decision they will be making next.

Finally, the newest type of driver added to the road, is the oblivious distracted driver. This driver usually is on a cell phone, the source of the distraction. This type of driver irritates me the most while driving. There have been countless times when I have been almost hit by distracted drivers, and they are the most dangerous...
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