Road Rage

Topics: Anger, Violence, Aggression Pages: 2 (574 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Road rage is another word for “move it or lose it” in many drivers minds. People who are inconsiderate, impatient and non-courteous are normally the people who start and cause the rage on our roads. It normally takes two to tango but with road rage it only takes one just by a little misunderstanding or stupidity. Sometimes drivers don’t even know if they are causing road rage or not, this normally happens by people hurrying to places, such as work. Is it really worth risking your life just to get somewhere quicker? That’s what a lot of people would be asking if they were in a car accident due to road rage and speeding.

A lot of car accidents are actually caused by incidents due to road rage. Incidents such as cutting off other vehicles, tailgating and speeding are all causes of road rage. In some minor cases there is fights that break out in the middle of roads when its peak hour and vehicles find it hard to move because of heavy traffic. You will find that its usually impatient people who start the fights in the middle of traffic, when all the other drivers just want to get to their destination. Vehicles sometimes get damaged too by people who are edging other vehicles from behind or other drivers that are in fights and damage the vehicles for some sort of revenge.

If someone is the victim of road rage they must not react back because it will only make matters worse and also make the road rager more aggressive. There are quite a few causes of road rage but its usually people who are impatient and have a short temper towards others. The best solution to use if you are ever a victim of road rage is to stay calm, don’t panic and just let the person have his or her own way, this way no further trouble is caused.

On the road, men seem to take anger into hand a lot worse than women. Men tend to use physical violence than anything else such as punch-ups or nudging other cars off roads using their own vehicle, which will lead into a crash. Women tend to...
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