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Rizal Movie

By marzie15 Mar 22, 2011 521 Words
Finally, I had watch the movie Rizal, though I wasn’t able to started and ended it well. The story was great. Rizal was too brave to do that in his own country. I think he do that because of his love in the Philippines and Filipinos. He has a lot of pride in his self. His heroic deed was a good example for the Filipino. I understand most of the part but some are not clarrified to me. There’s some scenes that captures my attention, like Rizal studied well and went to different schools and travel the world to finish his studies and to become a doctor and cure his mother, he succeed because of being determined and have a goal he wants to achieved, and also there’s a scene there that he defend the Filipinos against Spaniards, because Spaniards underestimate Filipinos but then Rizal defend Filipinos because he know what a true Filipino is and he’s very proud to be a Filipino, and still we implement this thing and just like what he said in his poem “Ang hindi magmahal sa sariling wika, ay higit pa sa malansang isda”, this is true because even though Rizal went to different places in the world, his heart is still in the Philippines and he influence his life and works to the other people, and still today, even though there we’re millions of Filipinos go to the different side of the world, their heart and soul is still in the Philippines, misses their family and still they speak Tagalog and also they influence the language and culture of the Filipinos to the Americans, they teach some tagalong words and some gestures of the Filipinos that’s why many Americans adopted some gestures and how they look into their life and also the being lovable of the Filipinos, if they really love the person, they give all, they sacrifice, that’s why most of the Americans love and marry Filipino woman, just like Rizal, because of the love to his country, to his family, he sacrifice everything, he give everything, he never ask why things happen, he let things happen and fight for it. Rizal was so intelligent but the thing that done to him is not good and not accurate for Rizal because he is the one who saved Philippines from the harshly doing of the Spaniards but the Spaniards don't want to accept their mistake but I'm happy because the Philippines today have a democracy. I think Rizal because of him the Philippines had the democracy and the Filipinos were brightened in the real story behind the Philippines. This is made for us to know what is happening before. It so harshly but Rizal didn't stop to write novels. A true hero is not seen in fighting in a war and died but it sees on how much you love your country and people in it, you’re proud to be a Filipino and you do the best for the people. I hope that those things in the film would not happen again. 

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