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There are numerous of different risks people are faced with throughout their life. In some cases risks are what help define who we are, or are simply just obstacles that conquer us or we conquer. In our lives, it is important to exercise self-command. However, we should not be so concerned with the future that we stifle the present. Some people have found that by taking risks it has left them either dead, with nothing at all, and others have found it has only brought them great things. A risk that I have taken in my life was experimenting with drugs at adolescent age. This left me scared, depressed, in jail, no family and guessing which friends could be trusted, and one of the biggest risks of all was being homeless or somewhere dead because of an overdose.

One of the risks that most people face in life is deciding which friends are truthful and sincere, and which friends are not worthy of a friendship at all. Some of my friends were not friends they were only drug buddies. Friends in life come and go, and it takes years to create a strong bond between two or more people. My family and my boyfriend which is now my only and first child’s dad was the only few who did not give up one me and helped me get my life together.

By taking on this risk I allowed myself to become susceptible to possible disappointment and harm. I ended up in a three month rehab program. The change was hard but that was the only choice for me. I came out of rehab a new person and regretted that I ever tried the drug. I now know that this is not the lifestyle I wanted to have and it was a dead end road in life. This type of behavior can result in a criminal record, and hinder you from life’s rewards it has to offer.

By being admitted to a rehab program and turning away from drugs, I am confident that I will never do it again and have more ambition, and most importantly, saying no to something that involves putting me our my life in danger. The risk made me

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