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Risks and Benefits of Being a High School Football Player

When most people think about American football they think about big hits, breaking bones, and touchdowns; but there is a lot more to it. For most high school football teams the season starts in the beginning of June and goes until October or November. The first game is in the beginning of September. But the training starts way before that! In the first week of June the players start spring practices with no gear, mostly refreshing plays. The week after no pads they will go full blow with pads getting more comfortable with taking and giving contact. Most of the successful high school teams have a 3 to 4 day football camp where the whole team goes somewhere like a college to get more practice in as well as getting a little team bonding time. Once the athletes are home from camp the rest of the summer consists of lifting/conditioning workouts all the way until the 19th of August which is Oregon School Activities Association’s, (OSAA) first day allowed to start full pads Daily Doubles. Sounds like a lot of hard work, but for what?

Spring football is the beginning of preseason. It consists of getting used to being active again or just getting back into the rhythm of football but it tends to be pretty slow paced. A lot of the newer players are really encouraged to go to these practices because the coaches reteach the plays and formations along with physically showing the players what to do. Coaches tend to call the first week of spring football “question week”. Week 2 of spring football is contact week! This is when the coaches reteach the form in which the players should tackle and how to prepare for contact to prevent unnecessary injuries. Spring football is about learning the sport or mentally and physically refreshing it.

Football camp can be described as the best time in hell! After spring football the whole team gets together and goes to a 3 to 4...
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