Risk Involved in Construction Works

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Assignment: Risk Involved in Construction Works.


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1. Overview

Construction business is expanding all over the world with the growing economy and demand of countries in order to facilitate the habitation of ever increasing population.

Construction work involves usage of a large combination of machinery and human resources who works in unison to create new buildings and sites.

The raw materials which are generally used for construction purposes are:

• Cements
• Bricks
• Stones
• Steel
• Iron bars
• Grids
• Reinforced concrete cement mixtures and various other materials.

All these materials are heavy to handle and need special skills and machinery to mix them and transport them to their actual places of usage. Buildings which are high rise need equipments like elevators’ cranes and hangers to place the required material at their respective places.

One of the possible complications in an ongoing work of construction is accidents and safety hazards on the workforce involved in construction work. As a student of construction management it is prudent for us to understand the possible setbacks and safety procedures which are important to follow at a construction site.

It was observed in post incident investigation that the reason why the workers were moving below the direct impact zone of a falling object because the crew members were not aware of the movement and there was no warning sign placed in that area. As a safety procedure it is required that whenever any potential dangerous activity takes place in construction sites workers are required to be warned.

So in recent years it has become very much important to discuss about the different measures of construction safety & the type of accident associated if the measures are not used.

2. Risk involved in construction works & types of safety measures

2.1 High Risk Construction Work
High risk construction work is any hazardous construction work that has the potential to harm the health and safety of people or to damage plant and equipment.

Construction work includes any work on a structure involving: • Maintenance and repair
• Alteration and renovation
• Construction and commissioning
• Conversion, refurbishment and fitting out
• Decommissioning, demolition and dismantling.
High risk construction work means construction work:
• Involving asbestos, explosives or diving work
• Carried out in an area in which there are artificial extremes of temperature • Involving a risk of falling more than 2 meters or is carried out on a telecommunication tower. • Including building or demolition work involving:

o Tilt-up or precast concrete
o Structural alterations or repairs to a structure that requires temporary Support to prevent collapse o The demolition of a load bearing part of a structure o The demolition of any part of a structure that is likely to affect its physical integrity. It also includes work carried out in, on or near any:

• Confined space
• Shaft or trench with an excavated depth greater than 1.5 meters or a tunnel • Pressurized gas distribution mains or piping
• Chemical, fuel or refrigerant lines
• Energized electrical installations or services
• Area where there are artificial extremes of temperature • Area that may have a contaminated or flammable atmosphere • Road, railway, shipping lane or other traffic corridor that is in use by traffic other than pedestrians • Area at a workplace in which there is any movement of powered mobile plant • Liquid that involves a risk of drowning. (Goverment of New South Walse)...

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