Rise Of Feudalism In Japan

Topics: United States, Japan, World War II, Marxism, Feudalism, Working class / Pages: 1 (115 words) / Published: Jan 22nd, 2016
Since Japan had an emperor, feudalism developed because the emperor united the clans. Before feudalism, Japan was inhabited by many different clans. Clans fought each other frequently. Lives were lived in fear of attack. People were unhappy before feudalism and they started fighting for land. Feudalism gave samurai land. Rich landowners gave land for labor and crops. Feudalism is the bond of loyalty between a lord and those to whom he has given land.
It was able to benefit Japan in many ways. Feudalism united everyone. Also, nobles got wealth and power while samurai got land. Eventually feudalism fell because they couldn’t give more land causing the bond between an vassal and lord to fail.

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