Right on individual autonomy

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Definition of Individual Autonomy
Individual autonomy is basically defined as the condition or state in which actions of a person are self directed. The person who practices individual autonomy has complete authority over his or her choices and actions; specifically an autonomous person bases his decision completely on his views and ideas when the decision is of significant importance. Sense of individual autonomy can also be referred as a property of person’s desires or acts when they are considered individually, these acts or desires pertains to the manner in which a person behaves or acts in a particular situation 1. Elaboration of the concept

In order to further elaborate the concept of autonomy we can also say that an autonomous person is one who is self-driven and sets goals and missions for his life, here goals and missions specifically refers to those goals which a person has selected by his own will from a variety of options and for achievement of these goals he sets certain milestones which he plans to achieve over a period of time. Autonomy or following self carved direction is also sometimes termed as positive freedom. It is not simply independence from following direction which is dictated by others but it is the sort of positive liberty which is strongly associated with ability and desire of self governance or psychological resources for self-esteem or self-directedness 2. Individual autonomy as explained above is all about living one’s life according to ones values and parameters of life, it basically gives you a mindset of completely holding reins of your life in your own hands and make your decisions on your own, but individual autonomy has always faced and conflict with obligation to conform to community expectations 3. No matter how strong one is a follower of individual autonomy but at some point of life he will face this issue since being a part of a particular society one cannot totally ignore the norms, culture and traditions and...
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