Rhetorical Analysis Obama

Topics: Democratic Party, Barack Obama, Republican Party Pages: 1 (387 words) Published: April 19, 2011
English 1101
Rhetorical Analysis
President Obama’s acceptance speech aims to convince his audience by talking about the major issues in America at the time, like the economy, war, gas prices, and jobs. Obama starts his speech thanking his family and the Clinton family. He begins by talking about himself as a third person, he approaches his audience by telling the Democrats, Republican and Independents to keep the American promise alive, he states that the American promise is everything we dreams we can achieve trough hard work and sacrifice, but still come together as an American family so that the next generations can pursue their dreams too, Obama keeps saying that ex president Bush broke that promise and that the Americans have to rebuild it again for our future. In this speech, president Obama puts examples of his life to show the citizens that he is like everyone else and he have the same hope as they do to see their country advance to the 21st century, his motto is to change the ways to government have been for the pass eight years under president Bush. President Obama keeps bringing up Sen. McCain, he first tells his audience how we should be grateful for his time in serving the country, then he convince his audience how Sen. McCain is going to follow the same path as ex president Bush, and if we are looking for change, they shouldn’t vote for Sen. McCain. Throughout president Obama’s speech, the audience seemed to respond with cheerful applauses, because they too want change, and president Obama seem to connect with his audience in a personal way giving examples of his life in scenarios that he wanted to change, for example, life insurance. He did not only talk to democrats, he included all the citizens, gays, republicans, independents, African Americans, young adults, parents, teachers, etc. President Obama finishes his speech by bringing the American promise up again, he talks to the audience about the great things America have to offer and how we...
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