Rhetorical Analysis Essay (The Study of Paulo Coelho's book; Alchemist)

Topics: Love, Desert, Debut albums Pages: 3 (976 words) Published: March 23, 2014
Benedicta Wijaya
Rhetorical Analysis Essay #2
WRIT 101 W
The Alchemist: The Miracle of Love
Everybody has ever dreamed a dream. It will be so delightful if we could make that dream comes true. To make it happen, it is not easy as we invert our hands. We have to pass through some obstacles that sometimes make us desperately in hope and finally we decide not to continue the process. One of the obstacles that most people face is love. People are afraid of being shut in pursuing their dream by the love that they have. They are afraid of hurting their relatives by leaving them in the purpose of finding ways to make dream comes true. Paulo Coelho in his book The Alchemist convinces the readers that love is not a thing which will discourage somebody to stop pursuing dreams. Through Santiago, he shows that love makes him more courageous to pursue his Personal Legend. Santiago lived with his father who wanted him to become a priest. He tried his best to make his father felt happy but the time has come when he realized that being a priest was not his desire. He convinced his father that he wanted to travel around the world, search the meaning of every single step that he would take later on. He has made his father thinking harder but finally his father allowed him to go wandering. “I found this one day in the fields, I wanted them to be a part of your inheritance. But use them to buy your flock. Take to the fields, and someday you’ll learn that our countryside is the best, and our women the most beautiful” (pp. 9). He gave his son the precious thing that he has and “He gave the boy his blessing” (pp. 9). Through this story, Coelho showed the sacrifice of Santiago’s father who had to accept the reality that his son would not be a priest and would go leaving him alone soon. Sometimes, for parents, it is hard to believe that what they want doesn’t relate to what their child really want to. But their love defeats everything. They let their child to grow with their own...
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