Chronicle of a Death Foretold Journal

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Character: Quote: Analysis Santiago Nasar – Ignorant, Innocent, Aloof, Heroic
“On the day they were going to kill him, Santiago Nasar got up at five-thirty in the morning to wait for the boat the bishop was coming on.” (García Márquez 3) This quote contributes to the idea that Santiago was blissfully ignorant and innocent throughout the book. It describes how he was just living his life showing feelings of happiness and excitement in contrast with those of the Vicario brothers’ right before they killed him. This contrast really contributed to the innocence of Santiago. Bayardo San Roman – Kind, Accepting, Forgiving, Loving

“‘Sometimes I couldn’t think of what to say,’ she told me, ‘but it was enough for me to know that he was getting them.’” (García Márquez 93–94) This quote shows how forgiving Bayardo is even with the culture of the society they live in which is harsh against even the slightest crime such as speaking out as these little actions could destroy one’s honor forever. Victoria Guzman – Violent, Protective, Unforgiving, Regretful “‘Let go of her, white man,’ she ordered him seriously. ‘You won't have a drink of that water as long as I'm alive.’” (García Márquez 24) This quote is exemplary of all the traits I have used to describe Victoria Guzman. She is very protective of her daughter and will resort to violence to do it. She is unforgiving to anyone who does hurt her daughter and is also regretful that she left Ibrahim Nasar seduce her as a teenager. Angela Vicario – Regretful, Sorrowful, Sincere, Loving

“‘Sometimes I couldn’t think of what to say,’ she told me, ‘but it was enough for me to know that he was getting them.’” (García Márquez 93–94) I used the same quote as Bayardo’s to describe her wife as both of their traits are exemplified in it. The amount of letters that she sent Bayardo shows her regret, love, and sincerity. It also shows how sorrowful she is without him. Vicario Bros. – Trapped, Honor-bound, Regretful, Guilty

“No matter how much I scrubbed with soap and rags, I couldn’t get rid of the smell.” (García Márquez 78) I used this quote to describe both of the Vicario brothers because it is an excellent example of their true feelings. These being the regrets and the guilt that set in after they killed Santiago. It also showed that they were somewhat trapped by this honor code that society had pushed on them. Pura Vicario – Old-fashioned, Traditional, Cautious, Protective “The family took it not only seriously but with great excitement. Except Pura Vicario, who laid down the condition that Bayardo San Roman should identify himself properly. Up till then nobody knew who he was.” (García Márquez 39) This quote exemplifies the traits I have identified with Pura by that it shows how cautious and protective she is of her family when Bayardo had shown up and she didn’t know exactly who he was. I thought that it also showed how old-fashioned she was as she needed to get to know this man well before associating with him as opposed to today where strangers will meet up and go on dates.

Quote: Analysis:

Clothilde – A milk shop owner who’s shop is the setting for Santiago’s murder. “Clotilde Armenta then appeared behind Pablo Vicario and shouted to Cristo Bedoya to hurry up, because in that faggot town only a man like him could prevent the tragedy.” (García Márquez 41) Xius - Theme of Love over money.

“He was healthier than the rest of us, but when you listened with the stethoscope you could hear the tears bubbling inside his heart.” (García Márquez 37) Maria Cervantes – An elegant whore.
“Santiago Nasar and I, with my brother Luis Enrique and Cristo Bedoya, went to Maria Alejandrina Cervantes's house of mercies. Among so many others…” (García Márquez 54) Divina Flor - Victoria Guzman's daughter, Santiago desires her sexually. “They hadn't stopped howling since I went into the house, when...
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