Rhetorical analysis

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Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness, Money Buys Stability
The game of basketball has been around for over century and in that time it has evolved immensely. From the creation of the ABA (American Basketball Association), and NBA (National Basketball Association), to their merger in 1976. Since then, the association has broken off even more from the men’s and women’s collegiate league to separation of the men’s and women’s professional league. The popularity around all of this has skyrocketed and the payouts are enormous. However, there is only a small portion of those who really see the benefits of being on national television, and that would be the men’s professional league. Don’t get me wrong the women do receive a paycheck too, but my cousin makes more than them just being a car salesman. There are two main articles that discuss how women players are paid significantly less than their male counter parts. Their targeted audience would be young female athletes who are thinking of pursuing a career in professional basketball as well as basketball fanatics. There have been moments when inspirational people such as; coaches, professors, or even politicians have stated that, “Hard work pays off”. If this is the truth, however, then whose truth would it be? Is it specified based on occupation, or does success depend on our gender? It truly seems that way in the world of basketball. The men and women’s league are true testaments of dedication, perseverance, as well as absolute love for the game, but, when it comes down to looking at the difference between the paychecks issued to men and the much lower paychecks issued to women, some would think that there isn’t enough love going around. It’s sad to say, but that is reality, especially in the women’s league. It truly makes no sense as to why the women who play the game they love and produce just as well as their male counterparts bring home significantly less money. The purpose of these articles is to get the readers to...
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