Rfid Door Lock Description

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RFID Door Lock

Version 1.0
October 2009
Cytron Technologies Sdn. Bhd.
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This document describes the development of Cytron Technologies DIY (Do It Yourself) Project PR25. This project revises PR8: Read and Display and PR9: Password Door Security. However, this project improves the previous PR, where it can learn new RFID ID tag and read ID tag in two different communication ways, Wiegand and UART. Connection for UART and Wiegand RFID tag reader are provided on PCB to be extended. Schematic and source code is also provided.

PIC16F876A - 8-bit microcontroller with 22 I/O - Operate with 5V supply - Operating speed 20MHz WIEGAND RFID TAG READER - RFID tag reader with specification reader-tocard and binary reader-to-controller interface - Standard 26-bit binary card data format - Operate with 5V supply

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ROBOT . HEAD to TOE PR25 – RFID: Read and Display


Push Button


RFID Tag Reader LCD Door Lock


PR25 is an open source microcontroller Do It Yourself kit. This PIC microcontroller based project is designed to develop a low cost RFID door lock. It combine the features and functions of PR8 (RFID: Read and Display) and PR9 (Password Door Security). When RFID tag is place near to RDIF reader, the reader can read RFID tag, further send the tag ID to the PIC microcontroller. After PIC microcontroller process the data, the tag ID will display on LCD in decimal number and only particular RFID tag can pass the door lock. However, this project improves the previous PR, where it can read ID tag in two different communication ways, Wiegand and UART. And connection for UART and Wiegand RFID tag reader are provided on PCB to be extended. Besides, it also can “learn” new ID tag. The new RFID tag saved can open the door lock for next time used. This DIY project also provides LCD (2x16 characters) for user to display the status. Buzzer is not provided as there is an internal build buzzer inside the RFID tag reader.

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2 capture/compare/PWM functions synchronous serial port can be configured as either 3-wire Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI™) or the 2-wire Inter-Integrated Circuit (I²C™) bus Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (UART).

All of these features make it ideal for more advanced level A/D applications in automotive, industrial, appliances and consumer applications.

This powerful (200 nanosecond instruction execution) yet easy-to-program (only 35 single word instructions) CMOS FLASH-based 8-bit microcontroller packs Microchip's powerful PIC® architecture into an 40- or 44-pin package and is upwards compatible with the PIC16C5X, PIC12CXXX and PIC16C7X devices. Features of the device: • • • • 256 bytes of EEPROM data memory self programming 2 Comparators 8 channels of 10-bit Analog-to-Digital (A/D) converter Figure 1 Figure 1 shows the pin diagram for PIC16F876A. For more information about the PIC microcontroller, please refer to the datasheet. The datasheet can be found in microchip web site at: http://www.microchip.com

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