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Topics: RFID, Radio-frequency identification, Transponder Pages: 2 (504 words) Published: December 29, 2012

Improving checkout efficiency is a priority for all grocery stores is the primary objective of our project. Faster checkouts, with reduced queuing, can be made enable with the help of iTROLLEY. We make use of RFID technique to create intelligent shopping trolleys, which keeps a tally of what is in them. This application also reduces time at the checkout through active billing at the trolley terminal. The trolley's system can identify the placing of the products in (or out of) the trolley, access pricing information, display promotions, and relates to other in-shop applications. At the check-out, the smart shopping trolley system transmits the list of items to the cashier. It transmits the purchased item list, helps generate the receipt and tells the cashier the amount to be paid. The customer's shopping list is kept in the local system to be used in future promotions.


Gone are the days of empty shelves, because popular product was stuck somewhere in the supply chain. The present era of consumer environment demands improved shopping efficiency. In view of the rapid technological progress, applications using RFID seem literally limitless. Even larger volumes of data can be stored on these tiny chips. It is required to store the bulk of information in a database and create a link to the tag using one-to-one number. This reduces the time taken to read the information and costs of memory. Our project utilizes this crucial technology which acts as the backbone for all new developments, making retail more

customer friendly and the supply chain even more efficient. Hence our dream to stroll through the store of tomorrow is made feasible with RFID- fully automated product recognition.

Block diagram:

The basic block diagram contains a Micro controlling unit, PC module as a wireless user interface and RFID as the underlying technique. A LCD display is used to show the products information which is accessed from the...
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