Bluetooth Door Lock

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Table of Contents:
1. Purpose/Introduction...................
2. Top Level Design and Testing.....
3. Subsystem Design and Testing...
4. Troubleshooting...........................
5. Conclusions..................................

It has been known for some time now that mechanical locks are becoming outdated. Mechanical locks are notoriously easy to lock pick, the quantity of keys limits their use, and they are not convenient to use. The goal of Team Open Sesame is to create a door that is safer and more convenient to use than the conventional mechanical door. Team Open Sesame’s design gives people limited access to a door through their android smartphone’s Bluetooth in the form of a digital key code. The use of a digital key provides more safety than the traditional locking mechanism, as it takes more experience to hack into a password encrypted system than to pick a lock. This design also provides the security of always being locked, until given a quick command to unlock. The goal of almost any piece of technology is to improve on what has been done before. Team Open Sesame’s door is easier to use, is more secure, and has infinite keys. Team Open Sesame’s door is applicable to any door. There are uses for an automatic door by private individuals as well as companies and businesses. Any door that requires increased security would benefit from this design. Also, companies that utilize this technology will no longer need to print many duplicates of the same keys to give access to their employees. Another benefit of having digital keys is the ability to change the passwords periodically to eliminate the risk of security breaches. Private individuals might want to install this door in the front of their house. Not only is it a flashy object that impresses neighbors but this door will make it easy to walk into your home with an armload of groceries without the need to fumble for your keys at your front door.

Top Level Design and Testing
Team Open Sesame’s Bluetooth Operated Door is designed to take in a Bluetooth signal from an android phone in the form of a four character password, and then open, allowing the person that sent to code to enter or exit through it. Figure 1 shows a basic block diagram of the system that the team wanted to implement.

Figure 1 : Block Diagram of Basic Function

The Team’s hope was to have a door that could be opened from a distance of thirty feet or less; which also happens to be the distance that the typical Bluetooth signal can transmit. This optimizes the time that is usually wasted in walking the distance between a car and the front door of a house. The average door-locking person will get their key out of their pocket as they walk to the front door of their house, and have time to spare in which they are not doing anything at all. This door eliminates that unused time, and decreases the time that it takes to open the door once it is reached. Ideally, this door would eliminate the need for a key of any kind, whether physical or digital. One could just walk up to the door, have it recognize the phone that they are carrying, and unlock. The current prototype would just have to be updated with new code to implement this feature.

Another benefit of this Bluetooth operated door was security. Without the digital key to open the door, it is not possible to enter through it. In the prototype design there was only one digital key, and the microcontroller code had to be changed for it to be changed. This could also be upgraded in future designs so that the key could be changed from the operator’s phone, making it easy to give someone limited access to the door, and then to change the code later.

As Team Open Sesame’s door is meant to replace doors with traditional mechanical locks, the end application of this door is in the place of all other doors being used today: interior and exterior,...
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