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A revolution (from the Latin revolutio, "a turn around") is a fundamental change in power or organizational structures that takes place in a relatively short period of time. Revolutions have happened in almost every society from ancient times to present. Revolutions follow a pattern with a similar cause and result. A country going through hard times for extended period is likely to result in a revolution big or small. Resentment towards the government and new political ideas is also common before a revolution. They usually end in a new or reformed type of government, with new traditions and ideas. Another common result is the birth of new policies towards classes of people. Yet some new governments have resulted in corruption and poor guidance. The American, French and Russian Revolutions are prime examples of these causes and effects.
Basic causes leading to any revolution: 1. Financial crisis having an effect on the majority of citizens over an extended period of time, and with no apparent end or solution. 2. A sharp increase in prices on daily necessities like bread, milk, etc. 3. A decrease in wages, and/or no wage at all among the masses. 4. The belief among people of presence of a misuse of power among corporate CEOS, elected officials, and Presidents, of whom, some feel could not be an effective leader and is in alliance with the wealthy. 5. Dependence on loans and the banks not able to cope adequately with their or their client’s fiscal problems. 6. The government (State and Local) raising taxes because it cannot service the bail outs. Those with the least amount of income will suffer the most. 7. The belief that “its them against us”. i.e. a class system

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