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Topics: American Revolutionary War, Boston Tea Party, American Revolution Pages: 3 (904 words) Published: October 28, 2013

A revolution is a serious event that forever changes the country and it’s people forever. Revolutions can change the politics, economy, military, and the people. It can range from a protest to an all out war which is what took place in the colonies. The American Revolution changed everything about the colonies. It made us what we are today. The Revolution changed all aspects of the colonies, showing how intense it was.

The colonies were tired of being used by the British for money. They wanted to be in control of their money instead of Great Britain. As the taxes from the acts progressed the colonies were ready to do anything to make a change. This is shown in Paul Revere’s Boston Massacre(Doc A). They were tired of all of the unjust taxes they were forced to pay. Some of the acts were used to try to get British companies back in order like the East India Trading Company. The Boston Tea Party was a economical revolt. As shown in Sarony Majors’ Boston Tea Party(Doc B), the tea party was to protest the unjust taxing. They threw the tea and in fact they accidentally broke a lock on a door but stayed to fix it. The colonies were just simply tired of all the taxation without representation. England gave the colonies all of these rules about expansion and who they could trade with. Well, with all of that gone after the war they were free to trade and expand as they please. You can see the border of the colonies during British rule in (Doc. H), They rapidly expanded giving them more land to farm on and build towns. Now without the Navigation act the colonies did not have to pay extra for goods which greatly helped the economy. The revolution completely changed the economy of the colonies by closing the gates on all of the unjust taxation and laws.

The Revolutionary War was a social revolution because the colonies separated from England. The colonies were inching closer and closer to just breaking out with anger. Gordon Wood said “Nothing...
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