Revision Questions For MNI 3701 For Discussions

Topics: International trade, Foreign exchange market, Free trade Pages: 4 (989 words) Published: May 25, 2015
Remember to use ALL the tutorial letters, the study guide, 2014 exam papers together with the textbook for revision.

Please use your own words as the exam is a closed book exam.

The purpose of these questions to engage the students in discussions so that they can prepare for the exam by working through the required study material. Please engage in discussions with your fellow students on the myUnisa discussions forum.

The attached list is not comprehensive.


Go through Tutorial Letter 101 carefully.

Revision questions to be discussed on MyUnisa:
Chapters 1 – 3
1.Discuss the drivers of globalisation. (pgs. 7 -11)
2.Fully discuss the various international trade theories. (pgs18 - 22) 3.Suppose South African Breweries (SAB) decides to take advantage of trading relationships between South Africa and Iran and plans to expand its business to Iran. As an international strategist, how would you advise SAB, using the PESTEL model, to successfully penetrate the Iranian market? (pgs28 - 43) 4.List and discuss the types, effects and benefits of economic integration. (pgs. 58 - 60)

5.Fully describe the major trade blocs. (pgs. 60 - 84)
6.Refer to Oct 2014 exam question B1.3.
7.Explain what free trade agreements are and possible implications for South African businesses (pgs. 85 - 91).

Remember the revision slides; study guide and tutorial letters 101; 102; 201 on myUNISA.

Chapters 4 – 6
1.Fully differentiate between a market, command and mixed economy (pgs. 96 – 102). 2.What distinguishing qualities should South Africa have in order to be considered to lie somewhere in between the developed and the less developed economies? (pgs. 108 -109) (May 2104 exam question B1.2) 3.Elaborate on the macroeconomic issues international business may be confronted with (pgs. 110 – 123) 4.Fully discuss the elements of culture (pgs. 133 -149).

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