Review on Plyometric Training

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The Effects of Strength Training in High School Athletes
For every high school athlete, there are multiple forms of exercise that can be incorporated in order to increase athletic performance. Each training program has different effects on the young individuals, but it is not certain which training method is optimal to maximize performance. A few training programs incorporated into an athlete’s workout would be plyometric training, agility training, and strength training. Strength training is defined as physical conditioning to increase the amount of resistance an individual is able to produce [2 Faigenbaum]. Olympic lifts are a type of power and strength training that correlate with different actions performed in certain sports. They provide acceleration through the entire functional movement which can improve strength, speed, and power [1 Channell]. The purpose of this review article is to determine whether strength training can actually impact a high school athlete’s performance. Through strength training and Olympic lifts, athlete’s physical performance can possibly increase. Methods

The articles were searched using Google Scholars. The keywords used to find the articles were “Olympic lifts in high school athlete performance.” The articles were then found by clicking the “find through UIC” database option. The first article was, “Strength Training for Children and Adolescents.” After being selected through the UIC database, the full text article option was selected in order to retrieve the journal article. The other article searched was titled, “Effect of Olympic and Traditional Resistance Training on Vertical Jump Improvement in High School Boys." Again, after being selected through the UIC database, the link to the full text journal article option was selected to retrieve the full article. The exclusion criteria were articles that could not be found through the UIC database. The articles were then analyzed by searching for...

References: 1. Channell, B. (2008). Effect of olympic and traditional resistance training on vertical jump improvement in high school boys. Journal of strength and conditioning research, 22(5), 1522.
2. Faigenbaum, A. (2000). Strength training for children and adolescents. Clinics in sports medicine, 19(4), 593.
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