Review of Literature on Training and Development

Topics: Management, Assessment, Skill Pages: 3 (881 words) Published: April 29, 2012

(Michael S. Lane, Gerald L. Blakely, 1990):
Management development programmes are increasingly being studied and evaluated, regarding their efficiency and effectiveness. Presents the results of a survey of 155 directors and vice-presidents of personnel and human resource management departments regarding the current status of their management development programmes. The results indicate that management development programmes do not seem to differentiate between levels of management.

(Oladele Akin,1991):
Evaluation is increasingly being regarded as a powerful tool to enhance the effectiveness of training. Three major approaches to training evaluation: quality ascription, quality assessment and quality control are highlighted. In order to enhance the effectiveness of training, evaluation should be integrated with organizational life. (Phillip C. Wright, 1992):

Reports on a study of current and past training literature which suggests that, to be effective and to isolate both training needs and those problems having other, non-trainable solutions, training must be preceded by a needs analysis. Proposes a needs assessment model to illustrate an optimum needs assessment process, and compares this model with the Ontario Government's. (Farhad Analoui 1995):

Traditionally, the effectiveness of the senior officials within the public sector has been disproportionately associated with task instead of people-related skills. A study of 74 senior managers within Indian Railways, over three years, has revealed that managers, in order to become effective, not only require task and people skills but also self-development knowledge and skills. Moreover, the above broad categories of managerial skills form a hierarchy which suggests that the more senior positions which managers occupy, the greater the need for people and self-development. Explores the implications of the above for senior management training and development in public sector...
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