Retro – Modern Design&Style

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Retro – modern design&style

Every twenty to thirty years, the world of design seems to make a comeback, but in a slightly better way. Whether it’s is the world of fashion, colours or home decor, retro style is an eclectic mix of old styles and new forms, or new forms with old materials and finishes. From the psychedelic prints of the seventies to the fifties appeal of oversized light fixtures and bubbly forms. I like retro- modern style because it offers me the opportunity to play with:

◊ wild colours


◊ patterns

I like to use:

• Bold patterns and colours:
Retro brings together bold patterns and colours into my design style. I enjoy large patterns, and I try to use them on the walls with wallpaper, paint or murals. For the same affect throughout furniture, I consider using bold fabrics and coordinating textiles such as rugs, and window treatments. I try to keep the bold patterns and colours design within a few colours for the palette. Too many colours will make a room look scattered, and uninviting.

• Subtle hints of retro style:
Sometimes I prefer to bring retro styling into homes more subtly, considering using smaller prints and geometric repetitive patterns. Instead of bold colours, I like to modernize interiors with pastels and muted variations of the bold. I use patterns in small quantities, and infuse neutrals into furnishings, flooring and wall coverings. I consider mixing and matching solids and patterns to also play down big and bold retro styling.

• Retro lines of furniture with modern finishes: Curvilinear and circular forms are classic characteristics of retro furniture. Pair these up with modern leather, wood, and lacquer finished furniture, and the marriage of the two is gorgeous. I often scour online classifieds, garage sales and vintage stores that I...
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