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Topics: Communication, Academic transfer, Chemistry Pages: 24 (3124 words) Published: January 22, 2015

Citizenship: yes
Special Hiring Authority: No
Federal Experience: Yes, Federal
Clearance: Volunteer

OBJECTIVE: To obtain a full time position working to protect the health and safety of citizens as a Consumer Safety Officer, GS-696-5/7 with the Department of Health and Human Services, Food and Drug Administration Agency, and Office of Regulatory Affairs in Milwaukee, Wisconsin found under announcement FDA-ORA-MP-14-1072845LL.

Highly motivated and focused Senior, graduating with a Bachelors of Science with emphasis in Dietetics, Chemistry, and Communication. With 18 years experience as a Cosmetologist, 13 + years as Brand Manager/Director of Education dedicated to protecting the health of citizens. Results of investigating problems and complaints of consumers led to the development of educational programs based on preventative techniques. Health, safety, and sanitation are the primary focus and goal practiced in both my education and occupation. I have excellent relationship building skills, highly effective at communicating, work efficiently alone, and a motivated team player.

As a chemistry and microbiology student I independently investigated 6 + common foodborne illnesses by designing, analyzing samples, reviewing scientific data from multiple forms of media, and reporting the results. This led to an awareness and in-depth study on methods used to sample products, the nature of bacteria, a variety of media and tests used to analyze and identify, and how to give detailed reports both written and orally.

Designed study and lab experiments performed by investigating sources of foodborne illnesses such as Clostridium botulinum. Appropriate sampling techniques such as swabbing were used to obtain bacteria from food sources, soil, and a variety of other raw materials. The bacteria were grown and cultured on Agar plates and later Gram Stained in order to identify the gram positive bacteria seen with a microscope. Each type of bacteria sampled and analyzed required investigating sources, proper sampling techniques, growing the bacteria, and properly identifying each colony. This led to detailed lab reports regarding all aspects of the investigation, methods, techniques, and results.

Developed analytical problem-solving skills, strong time management and organizational skills, maintained detail orientated records and data while monitoring time and temperature sensitive bacteria. This allowed for accurate information to be communicated with the team orally and in written form.

As a dietetic student I managed a group of 6 students and 12 kitchen staff in the planning, preparation, and serving of a theme meal for 100 + students and faculty. The emphasis of food safety and sanitation resulted in 0 incident of injury or illness.

Negotiated theme meal plan with team a of 6 students and 2 kitchen management staff. Communicated and designed flow charts for all students and kitchen staff to ensure all tasks were accomplished individually and as a team. Led team to practice high standards of food safety and sanitation in the preparation of each product used according to specific guidelines provided by the National Restaurant Association and FDA Food Code. These standards were met by implementing and monitoring use of thermometers and notations made on time. This resulted in healthy yet creative dining experience that successfully served over 100 consumers in a safe and sanitary way.

Ability to analyze and report through effective communication skills and educate individuals on essential nutrients. Researched vital role of vitamins and minerals on overall processes of the body. Developed application strategies of vital nutrients its relevance to supporting life. Analyzed dietary intake of newborns through end of life stages.

As a communications student I analyzed and interpreted a variety of media, practiced negotiations on civic issues, and advanced my skills in...
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