Responsibilities to Society

Topics: Happiness, English-language films, Personal life Pages: 2 (678 words) Published: March 4, 2015
In a room full of cigarette smoke and strangers, a young girl looks at her father with delight. It’s been weeks since she’s seen him because she lives with her mother, but he’s distant, burdened my shame and guilt. Her delight is replaced by disappointment when she is once again put after his own unhealthy desires. His addictions gets the best of him and he leaves his family behind, claiming to love his child, but continuing to let her down. The young girl longs for a happy family but is given a life she doesn’t deserve. With serious mental illness burdening her mother, the girl grows up with no stability and is constantly put down for no reason. “You’ll never be anything” she’s told. “You’re worthless, you shouldn’t even try to succeed”. She hears these comments until they are burned into her mind, making her believe them herself. In this weak state, she should have been nurtured, but was instead let down once again. She spends her nights listening to commotion followed by her mother’s cries through her locked bedroom door. A new man who shouldn’t have been trusted was welcomed into their lives only to ruin them once he got close. Not only was he abusive to her mother, he also stole the young girl’s childhood without a second thought. This was just the push she needed to start out her life making wrong decisions. With no good influences or guidance in her life, the young girl becomes lost. She asks herself why, why must she suffer when she's done nothing wrong? Was it her fault she wasn’t shown love? She turns to substance for answers, letting alcohol drown her pain. Destroying her mind and body, her teenage years go by in a blur. She drops out of high school only to involve herself in a life full of unhappiness. Associating herself with older men and gangs, she becomes pregnant at 15 years old. The father of her child is tragically murdered right in front of her. The shock of this traumatizing experience causes her young, unfit body to have a miscarriage. As...
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