Response to a Sedevacantist Critic.

Topics: Jesus, Pope John Paul II, Christianity Pages: 11 (4179 words) Published: July 27, 2011
Critic Taken from Polarprefecture: heretics Posted by Sunniva
Index of the colours used:black =the words of Angelica Zambrano; red =words of Sunniva; Violet =my answers

*The “evil revelation of Angelica Zambrano”
I usually don't pay much attention to these private revelations that pop up from time to time. As a former protestant I did, and it was usually a waste of time. What follows is the opinion from a formal protestant who turned towards the sect of the sedevacantists. “a deviation of the mainline Catholic Church who maintains originality of the Catholic faith”. Sedevacantists consider everything in Catholicism except its own catholic fraction as a deviation from true religion ever since the second Vatican council (1962–1965); the sedevacantist is noted for its extreme religious intolerance, yet they are up till now quite pacifist. They maintain that there cannot be any Christianity outside the original Roman Church; no salvation, for any non-catholic and now anti-popes in the Vatican, whom ever since misled the faithful Catholic. Because the Vatican has abandoned the doctrine of exclusiveness since the early sixties are they now considered as fallen in heresy ipso facto, and not worthy of honour. .

But I noticed a "testimony" that was becoming increasingly popular online, and I even found it published on a more traditional Catholic site (referring to a sedevacantist site), because this 18 year old Ecuadorian girl claims to have seen John Paul II burning in hell because of his idolatry while she was apparently dead for 23 hours. And so it is tempting for *sedevacantists to publish her YouTube-testimony to get the word going. And I must say; this girl is very convincing in many ways, and it only makes her testimony more dangerous. So I suffered through the whole thing, trying to find the agenda behind her revelation of Heaven and hell. Already one sees a spirit of criticising in her entire approach towards the entire testimony, “Sunniva’s agenda is to unmask the agenda behind the revelation of Angelica; Angelica is named dismissingly “this 18 year old Ecuadorian girl” and again Sunniva says that Angelica “claims to have seen”; the “revelation of Angelica Zambrano (properly entitled PREPARE TO MEET YOUR GOD The kingdom of Heaven and hell, and the return of CHRIST by Angelica Zambrano) is “re-titled The evil revelation of Angelica Zambrano” and every exposition is referred to as “these private revelations that pop up from time to time”; question, can such a person truly claim to give a genuine comment, in an honest attempt to understand? Read Acts 17:11

The first thing that comes to mind, is that she- and her mother, who testifies of her death, are not dressed very modestly at all (Just look at how the children of Fatima were dressed). One realises that the *children of Fatima were Portuguese peasant children who received revelations about 1917 AD. Looking at photos of these three children one notes that they were well-dressed according time and customs. The children of Fatima were wearing acceptable dresses of their day local culture and standing; the same, Angelica wears what is common in this day, age and culture. The CHRISTIAN VIEUWPOINT PLAYS ALSO A PART; although traditional church sees poverty as a “gift extra- divine”, whilst today modern church sees poverty as a curse. read Proverbs 6:11 10:15 15:16 16:8 Ecclesiastics 4:6 Proverbs 20:13 23:21 24:33,34 28:19 30:8,9 & 2Cor 8:9. upon poverty, read Genesis 13:2 24:35 Job 42:12, Deuteronomy 27: 13- 28:68 upon curse and blessing. Mark 10: 20-27 upon riches and salvation. True biblical conclusion is that neither poverty nor riches can bring us in heaven, whilst poverty is pictured a curse, riches can deviate you from the truth. Jesus exposure of this was quite sufficient for establishing this. Again As James accused church leaders of favouritism the dangers...
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