Respect vs. Disrespect

Topics: Respect, Religion, Virtue Pages: 3 (1242 words) Published: March 31, 2013
Respect Vs Disrespect
By Osita Onyebuchi

Respect vs. Disrespect

Have you ever met someone who was rude to you and didn't hold you with much regard? How did you feel? Did you feel angry? What do you think respect is? How is respect earned? Respect is an important way of being kind and good to other people. We live in a society that respect is earned not given. With respect there is also an opposite side of disrespect. The definition of respect is to consider worthy of high regard. There are different forms of respect, the word respect is defined as the condition of being esteemed or honored. Disrespect, on the other hand, is defined as a lack of respect. Respect has great importance in everyday life; everyone wants to be respected. Even those who do not give respect expect to be respected by others. We may also learn that how our lives go depends every bit as much on whether we respect ourselves. The value of self-respect may be something we can take for granted, or we may discover how very important it is when our self-respect is threatened, or we lose it and have to work to regain it, or we have to struggle to develop or maintain it in a hostile environment. Some people find that finally being able to respect them is what matters most   It is acknowledged widely that there are many different kinds of respect. Respect may come in different forms, but it will still be perceived as respect. Respect in your family household is very important for a child and any other individual. For example, a child may choose to obey their parent because their parent is very strict and the child doesn’t want to get on their bad side. This form of respect could also be perceived as fear because the child is worried about how the parent will react if they choose to misbehave. The child would also respect their parent in a way that if they were to request something, the parents will grant the favor. Another example is a police officer respecting the rights of a man they just...
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