Topics: Child pornography, Adolescence, Abuse Pages: 4 (1285 words) Published: January 1, 2015
Technology: Another World
Knowing your child is at risk for being convicted as a felon for being on their phone. Many parents would be concerned, recent studies have proved otherwise. Sexting, is it just sex over texting? Sexting is not only illegal for minors, but it is corrupting our society. Media is the problem, but if manipulated correctly can also be the solution. Knowledge is power, and knowing and educating is a prime solution to the problem. The definition of sexting, is the sending or receiving of nude pictures of a minor via technology (Capeless “Sexting”). Specialists say it is child pornography, and should be dealt with as such. Other specialists say it is “the latest fad” and will eventually die down. So it continues as undecided what society should consider it as. What is for sure though is how it is affecting today’s youth. Some are referring to it as the “silent social danger”. Not knowing and being unaware of what and whom, has some people concerned. Teens, young adults, parents, and specialists, do not fully understand what all is at risk, and how truly harmful it can really be. A harmful matter to a minor may not be everyone's first concern. “Lascivious intent- state of mind where any persons sexual arousal or gratification is an objective.” (Capeless). Meaning that all participants of this illegal act, are fully aware of their actions, and do so with the intent of sexual engagement. The sharing of illegal images, or child pornography is prohibited. Yet, still for some reason is circulated at a fast and furious rate (Ly “Sexting”). The cautionary signs are silent and unseen by youthful eyes. The youth in today’s society is so careless that 21% of females and 39% of males sexting is sent with intentions of sex (Capeless). 25% of females that have participated admitted to sending with intentions of receiving (Capeless).The true horrific part of it all is the age range, some as young as 13. One in five girls ages of 13-16 have sexted to...
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