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Topics: Actor, Constantin Stanislavski, Drama Pages: 4 (835 words) Published: March 9, 2015
Hyuk Shin (Jason)
Ms. Akov
Drama 9M
Research Essay on Realism and Stanislavski
Stanislavski was called ‘Father of Modern Acting’ and staged many realist productions and staged many plays that were seen rejected by other theatres as being too realistic. However, he began to gain international recognition and became known as one of the best places to study acting. He also developed a system of acting and rehearsal techniques, which greatly impacted upon American and European acting. He was different and unique than others. He wanted to change the acting styles that other people were using at that time, because those acting styles were too melodramatic. He said, “All action on the stage must have an inner justification, be logical, coherent and real.”

Stanislavski had his own acting conventions and they were to stop actors becoming 'sheep like' and not following the habitual way of performing on stage but instead, to focus their actions and mannerisms in a way that a person would carry on as themselves in their private life. Therefore, the dramatic style that actor were using at that time made him dissatisfy. He wished to create a theatre that could portray real, convincing and believable life on stage. In order to help actors portray the honest objective of the character, Stanislavski pioneered a concept called the “magic if.” To help connect the character to the actor, performers must ask themselves “What if this situation happened to me?” Through this activity, actors identify with characters as possible aspects of themselves, allowing them to think like the characters, rather than just impersonate them. Furthermore, he wanted actors to be able to feel their characters’ range of emotions and to make their actions seem convincing. Then, the actors would almost ‘become’ their character and know how to access and utilize their own memories or feelings when playing a certain role or action. Relaxation is also one of the conventions that are still...
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