Research Proposal on the Topic Internal Assessment System

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Research proposal
Internal Assessment System

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Dr. Ajay Solkhe Arpit Gupta(14) Asstt. Professor Keshav Monga(54) USM,KUK MBA(P)(Gen.)


Internal assessment system: creating satisfaction or dissatisfaction among students!

Background and justification of Research

In the current scenario there are many complaints addressed by the students regarding internal assessment system (IAS). They are of the opinion that their teachers are biased in giving marks to students. They say that the student who is in the good books of the teacher is given more marks then of the student, who is not, besides he is much better than him. They also complaint that the students who are having jacks are also given more marks. In this, we are basically focussing on the students’ behaviour regarding the IAS. Up to what extent students are comfortable and satisfied with the IAS. We are also focussing on the parameters which the teachers consider while giving marks to students in their assessment. The parameters adopted by the teachers are acceptable or not. Whether the teachers are biased with students or not will be also studied in the research, which will be made.

Research Objectives

* To get of views of students and teachers on Internal Assessment System. * To identify the satisfaction level of students.
* To check the consent of student Criteria Included in IAS. * To get suggestion to make efforts for improving IAS.
* To know the criteria’s made by teachers for the allotment of marks in internal assessment of students. * To check whether the teachers are biased with the students or not. * To check whether IAS enhance students’ performance or not.

Literature Review

In this section, the satisfaction level of the students will be explored in...
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