Research Paper on Transgender Children

Topics: Gender, Transgender, Gender role Pages: 4 (885 words) Published: April 15, 2014
Jazmin Chavez
May 29, 2013
Speech and Debate
Research paper: Transgender children
“ I don’t look like a little girl. I am a little girl. This is what five year old Josie Romero claimed in National T.V (Innes 5) Biologically Josie was born as Joey a male but now she identifies herself a female (1). Many accuse and criticize Mrs. Romero, Josie’s mother for tolerating her child to switch genders at such an early stage in her child’s life. Nonetheless, common sense seems to dictate that a child’s mentality is not stable enough to make their own decisions, which is why parents must seek other methods to solve this physiological deviation. However, if a child that is diagnosed with “Gender Identity Disorder”, does not have the proper intervention before they consider intervene at an early age he or she can be facing the consequence of a lifetime worth of hormone therapy and sex changes surgery. Back ground

When it comes to the controversial topic of transgender children the issue is divided into two groups: those proponents of therapeutic intervention or those who support to switch genders. The percentage of children with “Gender Identity Disorder” is low, therefore they are limited number of clinical researchers that are willing to help them (Zucker 375- 376). According to the American Psychiatrics Association claim that children with, “GDI” have a physiological disorder or behavior disorder that may not conform to their sex at birth (Wikipedia 1). They might manifest these behavioral through “ dress up, toy play, fantasy role play, peer relationship, motored speech characteristics or negative statements about sexual anatomy” (Zucker 380). In general they believe that they were born in the wrong body, just like Josie. Psychological it is known as gender dysphonia, a condition that can if not put attention it can lead a child to anxiety, depression, body mutilation or suicide (380). That’s why some parents approach the easier and more convenient way out that...
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