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Topics: Barack Obama, Health care, United States Pages: 6 (2529 words) Published: October 25, 2010
Health care in the U.S
The United States is having many problems with the way the economy is today. The economy is at its worst, and the health care system is not any better. The United States has the most money spent per person on healthcare than in any other nation. Even though health care in the United States is at its worst, the American people shouldn’t be spending as much money on it as they are currently paying. The U.S economy is still struggling to recover from the worst recession in three generations. The United States is having its worst economic downturn since the great depression. What the U.S is has been going through is not normal, and will never be normal for years to come. (McClatchy, “Editorial: A real downer” Washington: Tribune Business news, Sep 26, 2010) (web) 30 September, 2010. When the economy is at its worst, it puts a negative downturn on the health care system. A lot of Americans can’t afford to be spending more money than they can afford. With the health care system costing so much money, the national treasure management agency is planning to make huge sector cuts. The debt from healthcare will continue increasing as spending cuts are set to continue to bite down hard on the North East. The next round of cuts will involve tearing up already agreed contracts. The health care system of Americans has been rising for many of years now (U.S health care cost). In 2008, $2.3 trillion dollars were spent. More than three times the money was spent in 1990, $714 billion and over eight times the $253 billion spent in 1980. In 2008, the U.S health care spending was about $7,681 per resident. President Obama has made cost control a focus of health reform efforts. In President Obama’s health care plan, it says that if you have high-blood pressure, diabetes, or cholesterol you may be entitled to free access to preventive services. Although President Obama’s health care plan is still in the air, many Americans are still struggling to get back on to their feet. The war between health care in the U.S and the cost has been brewing for at least the last three decades, (Regina Herzlinger. Who killed health care? New York: McCraw Hill, 2007.( Print). For the last three decades health consumer’s perspective view was that things were never good for health care in the United States. Regina Herzlingers question was, “should the American people know the price of the health care services?” They should, because it is not fair for the American people to be over paying their well earned money when they could be saving a portion of that money for something else. Some researchers who testified supported these assertions, adding that health care provides, primarily hospitals, would collide on prices once they were clearly known (3). They also testified that hospitals transparency would confuse the American people (3). The health care in the U.S still has issues with spending unnecessary money. A system controlled by the insurance companies, hospitals, or government will kill the American people financially and medically. It will ruin our economy and deny us the health care services we need. It will also undermine the important genomic research that can fundamentally improve the practice of medicine and control it’s costs ( Herzlinger, 2007) (1). Despite all of the spending, millions of people cannot get the health care they need because it costs too much, or because our fragmented health care system cannot efficiently supply integrated, multifaceted treatment for their chronic disease or disabilities. The biggest problem begins with hospitals. The bloated behemoths that account for the largest part of our health care system, nearly a trillion dollars worth, and represent the major reason for its cost increase ( Herzliner, 2007) (18). Hospital costs rise at a high rate that generally exceeds the growth of their services (18). Hospitals have convinced the U.S Congress to suppress potential competitors, such as physician...
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