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Topics: Tobacco smoking, Cannabis, Tetrahydrocannabinol Pages: 5 (1777 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Ivan Olvera
Mr. Delaney
English 11
Marijuana Issues
When the idea of marijuana being legalized is brought up, controversy starts to arise. There is controversy on this subject matter because many people believe that if alcohol and cigarettes are legal, then how come marijuana can not be legalized? This is a problem because people do not understand how bad marijuana can be. People think that marijuana is not as bad as other drugs and alcohol,so they just smoke marijuana. The solution to this problem is to keep marijuana illegal, to educate people on the harms of marijuana, and to get the parents to be involved in their children’s lives.

People who use marijuana want to believe that marijuana has no health effects, when, in reality, there are health affects. Those health effects happen to be worse than most marijuana users think. Marijuana affects some of the bodies most important parts like the heart, the brain and the lungs. According to Mehling, “Eating or smoking marijuana has been shown to increase heart rate by 20 to 50 percent...However, marijuana users who do not know about or expect these acute health effects may find them unpleasant or even scary, resulting in panic or anxiety reactions. And, those with heart problems or other physical disorders may have disturbing or even harmful effects as a result of cannabis use” ( Mehling). The effect of marijuana only last a couple of hours, but when someone does not know that they can get anxiety from marijuana, they may start to freak out. The situation can get ugly quickly because they will have this anxiety and panic and start doing things they normally would not do if they were not under the use of marijuana.

When something affects the brain, it is usually not a good thing. The article The Health Effects Of Marijuana supports the fact that that marijuana effects the brain in many ways. “When high doses of marijuana are used, usually when eaten in food rather than smoked, users can experience the following symptoms: Hallucinations Delusions Impaired memory Disorientation" (T, “Health”) With all these side effects, people still ignore them and do not take marijuana seriously, especially teenagers. When people do not take the effects of marijuana into consideration, marijuana can lead to problems. When someone has hallucinations, they see images and they hear sounds that seem real, but are actually fake. Problems arise from hallucinations because the images and sounds put that person in grave danger. They could get killed because they might picture the road not having any cars and just walk out to the street and get hit by a car.

It is not just the hallucinations though, depending on when the user start also has an effect. When marijuana users start at a young age like 15, and frequently smoke marijuana; it gives them impaired memory. The article Long-Term Marijuana Use Affects Memory reports “Researchers studying heavy marijuana users (four or more joints per week) in Greece found that frequent marijuana users performed worse than non-users on test of cognitive abilities.” (T, “Long Term”) With the idea of having ones ability be less than a normal persons in mind, those who start early are messing up their future because society already has an expectation. When someone does not reach the required expectations, they are usually at a disadvantage when it comes to getting a job. As it is now, it is hard enough getting a job, but when someone does marijuana it just increases the chances of failure.

Not only does marijuana affect the brain and the heart, but it also affects the respiratory system. If someone is a regular marijuana smoker, they can have the same problems as tobacco smokers which includes more frequent acute chest problems, increased risk of lung illness, and obstruct airways. In a world where there are many illnesses that can get someone sick, why would anyone want to increase their risk of getting ill? Well, the answer is plain and simple,...
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