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Reading a mosque can be tricky at times, although they are similar to churches and synagogues, they have some major differences in design that have special purposes or meanings. Mosques are extremely important places in Islam, not only are they places of worship, but they are also places where the community will congregate and mingle, so it must be taken care of and must have a good appearance. Many mosques are different due to the different cultures and heritages, but they all have certain characteristics that all mosques have. Such as domes, minarets, spires, writing on the outside, decorations, etc.

Looking at mosque #10, the first thing that I had noticed about it was the sheer size of the building itself. It is massive. Looking at this mosque gives me a feeling that it was made for the entire community and it can hold many worshippers. Another thing that I noticed about this mosque is the large courtyard in the front. I can imagine many social or religious gatherings occurring here on special days, and I can imagine the worshippers to congregate and mingle here when it isn’t prayer time. The fountain stands out to me as a centerpiece that would cap off the courtyard in a nice manner.

Something else that stuck out to me is the color scheme and style of the mosque. It has very civil and calm brown color with white domes and white tops of the minarets. Although it is very large, it does not seem luxurious or over the top like other mosques that I have seen in the past. The outside of the mosque is covered in white writing, most likely text from the quran as well as what looks like other forms of art. The writing is white, which to me symbolizes purity or peace. I believe that is what the goal of this mosque was to look like, peaceful. This mosque is also very symmetrical, with an equal amount of arches on each side and one main one in the middle. It has two large minarets on the outside, and two smaller ones in the middle, they are also symmetrical. The...
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