Research Concept Paper of M & Ms

Topics: Scientific method, Color, Hypothesis Pages: 4 (1141 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Research Concept Paper of M & Ms

Research Paper on M & Ms Milk Chocolate
M & Ms basically are colorful candies that assume a round shape and are produced by Mars Incorporated, an American based company. These candies are of different colors packed in a package until they meet the expected weight requirement. M & Ms Milk Chocolate is one of the various candy products offered by Mars Incorporated, an American company that took its name from its founders Forrest Mars and Bruce Murrie. My research paper focuses majorly on the M & Ms Milk Chocolate- 56 oz bag which is actually the largest offered. Goals and Objectives of the Study

The sole goal of my study is to determine the distribution of colors in a standard package of 14 oz M & Ms and determine whether they are related to the ones in the website. In an attempt to determine the objectives of my study in order to come up with a comprehencsive analysis, I had to come up with several hypotheses to aid in my study; the hypotheses I came up with are as follows. * The distribution of colors in a 14 oz m & ms is uniform. * There exists a relationship between the hypothetical proportions in relation to the real quantities of the package. Data Collection Methodologies

In order to come up with reliable and relevant data, I came up with the following methods of collecting data to aid in my study. 1. Sampling.
2. Individual counting.
3. Observation.
I used sampling as a method of collecting my data whereby, I sampled the m & ms of a particular color category and used the counting methodology in order to find out the exact number of each color category representing the m & ms in the package. I placed the m & ms into different containers and literally counted them five times in order to get an accurate representative figure and also obtain their total number. In addition, I calculated the percentage composition of each category in relation to...

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